Culinary partnership of Rich Eversden & Adam McGurk

Pull & Punch is a casual dining company focused on low and slow cooking. Long time friends and meat fanatics Adam and Rich have always firmly agreed that when it comes to cooking meat the best flavours take the greatest patience to unlock and that good things really do come to those that wait..

Rich Eversden

Rich is an accomplished and seasoned chef and proud chef director of Pull & Punch. He’s embraced every kind of kitchen, from the perfectionism and discipline of michelin starred to the intensity of high volume catering at the London Olympics.

You’ll find him in his element when he’s improvising, creating delicious dishes on the spot.

Adam McGurk

Adam cut his teeth behind the bar in some of London’s best cocktail bars and restaurants. His drink mixing skills have taken him on adventures to France, Germany, Switzerland, Cuba and The United States, where he’s been emersed in eacg country's food and drink culture.

His personal adventures have now tipped his foodie pursuits over to the professional scene, where you can find him behind the grill as well as behind the bar.